N-Lab is the first analytical instrument that offers surface interaction studies, imaging and topographic analyses at the nanoscale.

Fully automated system

Find out a state-of-the-art turnkey system with motorized stage, autofocus, integrated fluidics and thermal control for an easy and accurate characterization of your samples.

Multiplex surface interaction

Analyse live molecular interaction on selected areas. Calculate adsorption/desorption kinetics of reactions

Live nanoscale imaging

Access live and high-resolution visualisation of your samples with a nanometric sensitivity. Perform analyses on films, patterns, biochips, nanotubes, nanoparticles...

Wide-field topographic analysis

Access sample surface topography (profile section, roughness, 3D view...). Track structural, morphological changes. Perform 4D analyses (x,y,z,t).

Multimodes of analysis

Analyse in static or dynamic mode, in air, in liquid or in gas. Track changes vs. T°, pH, concentration...

Microfluidic compatibility

Perform live SEEC characterization on microfluidic/Lab on Chip devices.




Developed in collaboration with specialists in label-free analysis techniques. LabSOFT is a user-friendly and powerful software for precise and comprehensive analyses of your samples.

Live nanoscale imaging & quantitative measurement

Software solutions for accurate characterization of your samples at nanoscale:

  1. Live visualisation of your sample
  2. Processed image with selected regions
  3. Temporal image difference
  4. Live tracking of multiplex molecular interaction

A unique interface

With LabSoft, everything is at your fingertips from sequence planning to live data display.



Modules & Sensors


N-Lab is a revolutionary analytical system for nanoscale characterization in the fields of Life and Material Sciences.

The combination of versatility and high accuracy makes N-Lab the most complete and powerful label-free, wide-fi eld surface analysis technique available on the market.

SEEC Sensors

High-sensitive SEEC sensors

  • Large range of toplayers (oxide, functionalised...)
  • Microfl uidic compatibility
  • Patterned surfaces

Easy-handling modules

Easy-handling modules

  • Easy-to-use module: Open/place/close
  • Secure system: medical-grade material
  • Integrated thermal control
  • Large analysis area : up to 5x5mm²

Fluidic system

Integrated fluidic system

  • FastabTM technology*
  • Inject up to 10 solutions
  • Precise control of fl ow rates
  • Integrated fl ow measurements


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